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Here at Kalmar Family Podiatry we are proud to offer a wide variety of podiatric related products for our patient needs.

Diabeitc Shoes and Custom Inserts: We are a retailer of Surefit Therapeutic Footwear. 

We are proud to offer the medicare approved Diabetic Shoe Program (Diabetic Foot Care)  which includes shoes and custom inserts to diabetic patients who meet the criteria. Therapeutic shoes and custom inserts aid in alleviating pedal pain, pressure points and accommodate various pathology. Your insurance company may pay for these shoes if you have qualifying conditions. At your appointment, our trained podiatric physicians (Our Staff) will perform the examination, take your foot measurements and perform your impressions via a foam box to aid in an accurate mold. Please visit Surefit Lab for more information. 

Some of the shoe companies we provide are: New Balance, SureFit, Apex, Hush Puppies, Brooks, Mt. Emey, Answer 2

Over The Counter Inserts: We are a retailer of Redi-Thotics

Not all over the counter orthotics are treated equal. Redi-thotics offer superior arch support and control for many podiatric ailments including but not limited to: flat feet (pes planus), plantar fasciits, high arch feet (cavus), heel spur syndrome, Neuroma (Morton's Neuroma), metatarsalgia. These shoe inserts may not only provide relief from your current symptoms but also may help prevent reccurence and/or secondary biomechanically related problems. These orthotics are not specific for ones foot type however can provide significant relief. The only way to provide orthotics (inserts) specific for your foot type is through custom molded Orthotics. 

Bako Integrated Therapeutic Solutions: We area a retailer of BAKO Products
Nail Fungus: Clarus (Tolnaftate 1%):
Claurs Antifungal is a safe, effective, oil-solublie formulation. The proprietary vehicle contains a methanol derivative combined with essential oils designed to enhance the penetration of tolnaftate (anti-fungal). 
                                      Nail Dystrophy: Kera Nail Gel (47% Urea Gel):
Kera Nail Gel is a high-potency nail treatment in a vehicle containing Tea Tree Oil, Methanol, Camphor and Eucalyptus Oil.
Properties: Softens thick nail units, aids in facilitation of nail debridement, masks odor caued by fungal and bacterial infections.
Plantar Warts: VerruStat Liquid Wart Remover
Salicylic Acid in a vehicle containg Retinyl Palmitate and penetration- enhancer MSM
VerruStat has been specifically formulated for the topical management and removal of common and palmoplantar warts. 
Neuropathy: NeuRx-TF Tables
NeuRx-TF tablets are ideal for nerve function support, as they combine powerful antioxidants that help protect nerve cells from oxidative damage related to again and environmental stress. These dietary supplemental tablets include: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin (Methyl) B12 which has been clinically proven to help aid in the recovery of pedal neurological symptoms.
Offloading Pads: We are a retailer of Dr. Jill's Gels
Dr. Jills' Gels products range from paddings to protect your painful bunion from rubbing in your shoes, offloading painful calluses on the bottom of your foot, protecting your toes from rubbing together, splinting your hammer toe and bringing the toe down closer to the ground. We offer a variety of their products to help reduce your pain and symptoms including teh very popular gel bunion shield that aids in reducing the rubbing and friction in your shoe gear. For more information on bunions please click -  Bunions: Hallux Valgus Deformity
Skin Care Products: We are a retailer for Kamea - The Tetra Corporation and Gormel - Gordon Laboratories
Gormel Creme is a highly effective skin conditioner available for calous or hyperkeratotic conditions such as cracks, fissures, plantar keratoma, and very dry skin. Its active ingredient, Urea 20% which adds elasticity to the skin to make it supple by drawing upon the body's own moisture. Urea is known for its hydration and keratolytic properties.
Kamea 20 - Emollient Foot Cream: Containes ingredients that rehydrate, moisturize, and condition your skin. This cream is highly effective in conditioning the foot by increasing the water content of your skin, thus restoring the skin's natural properties and supplenes.. Kamea 20 will soften and exfoliate dry skin and callusing from your feet. Active ingredients include: Urea, Allantoin, Aloe Vera, Lanolin, Vitamin E Acetate.
 Kamea G - Exfoliating Foot Cream: An effective keratoloytic for the debridement of hyperkeratotic (rough) skin conditions. This product also conditions, moisturizes and improves the appearance of dry, cracked, calloused skin on the sole of the foot.
Active ingredients include: Alpha hydroxy acid, Glycolic Acid,
Antimicrobial Shoe Spray: We are a retailer of Clean Sweep - The Tetra Corporation
Clean Sweep - An antimicrobial shoe shied - Clinically proven to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, fungus and mold. The spray is a safe, natural way to treat all types of foot wear.


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