Platelet Rich Plasma


Kalmar Family Podiatry Can Help You Heal from Chronic Foot and Ankle Pain

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP therapy, is used to treat chronic pain associated with damage to tendons, ligaments, and joints. It is a tried and tested therapy to decrease pain and has been used in patients for decades.

PRP is a form of regenerative therapy where an injection uses the patient’s own blood. In the office setting, the patient’s blood is taken from the arm and is centrifuged (spun down) to separate the different liquids to harvest the concentrated platelets. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the targeted area where the patient’s s pain radiates from.

PRP therapy is used for both pain relief and repairing damaged tissues by utilizing your body’s natural abilities in its own platelets. As the injection is your own blood, there is no chance of rejection or side effects.

The injection of your own platelets causes a local inflammatory reaction, releasing growth factors that stimulate healing and muscle regeneration, and limiting the amount of scar tissue. The treatment exert positive effects via multiple mechanisms including:

  • Activation and release of the body’s natural growth factors in the abnormal tissue. This response has been proven to stimulate the tissue regeneration processes.
  • Localized inflammatory response that increases the blood flow to the abnormal tissue.
  • Limitation of scar tissue formation.

Is PRP Injectable right for me?

Soft tissue injuries are often caused by either trauma or overuse of the affected area. Micro-tears in the tissue form and become inflamed. Scar tissue may form and impede a full recovery. Here at Kalmar Family Podiatry we believe a patient is an appropriate candidate for AmnioFix® Injectable if:

  • You have been diagnosed with a tendon or soft tissue injury
  • Have been using a conservative treatment such as anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and bracing that have not provided symptomatic relief of the inflammation
  • If you want a non-steroidal option and/or have reached your limit of steroid injections
  • It can also be used at the time of diagnosis to speed healing and reduce recovery time

What conditions can be treated with PRP?

 PRP injectable can be used in the treatment of:

Approximately 80% of our patient population report feeling relief within the first few weeks because the targeted injection stimulates healing faster than your own body can. This allows patients at Kalmar Family Podiatry to relieve their pain and get back to their pre-injury state faster.

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