"Beyond happy!  Professional, thorough and friendly.  Everyone in the office is happy and smiling.  You don't see that very often.  Kalmar Podiatry must be as good to their employees as they are to their patients!" Diane P.
"Kalmar Podiatry Group is filled with outstanding staff. Super helpful very refreshing to find a Dr with such compassion for his patients." Katie O.
“I use Dr. Kalmar (Mrs. Kalmar from Washington Drive's Husband and 2 sons own this practice) office is super nice and I'm very pleased with my treatment.” Jennifer S.
“Dr. Kalmar is great.” Jane I.
“We see Dr. Kalmar and am very happy.” Stacy R.
“Dr. Kalmar A+!” Susan T.
“My husband and daughter see Dr. Kalmar. He’s great” Karen S.
“The whole family goes to Dr. Kalmar. Love them!” Cheri B.
“We saw the son - so nice! Also didn't even realize that his mom was the Washington Drive nurse. Lol. Knew the name sounded familiar. Was great. And my son left saying, "that was fun". LOL - not something you hear everyday leaving a doctors office.” Tara C.
“We love all the Kalmar foot doctors!” Jennifer L.
“Kalmar is excellent!” Jill E.
“Kalmar, thumbs up!” Lisa C.


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