Do I need a test for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)?

It is very common that podiatrists are the front line in health-care in identifying signs of vascular disease. Peripheral Arterial Disease is a serious circulatory condition where clogged or narrowed arteries cause poor circulation to the arms, legs, brain or kidneys. It is found most often in the lower extremities leading to decreased blood flow to the legs and feet.

Eight to twelve million Americans have arterial disease and, if left untreated, the disease can be fatal. In fact, this disease can be fatal up to 30% of the time within a five-year period. Delayed diagnosis can cause severe complications if left untreated at onset of the condition. Some main complications include but are not limited to: higher risk of coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke, as well as lower extremity gangrene, amputation and even death.  

Fortunately, today there is a non-invasive technology (noninvasive means the procedure does not require the use of needles, dyes, radiation or anesthesia) that can determine the presence of peripheral arterial disease. PADnet is a painless examination that compares the blood pressure in your feet to the blood pressure in your arms to determine how well you blood is flowing (Ankle-brachial Index; ABI) as well as provide Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) waveforms. The blood pressure cuffs are used to determine the presence, severity and general location of peripheral arterial occlusive disease. If these tests show abnormal results, and peripheral arterial disease is determined we will send you to a vascular specialist to determine if medical or surgical intervention is warranted.

Here at Kalmar Family Podiatry, if symptoms and objective findings are concerning for PAD we schedule a follow-up appointment for PADnet testing. The test is completed in less than thirty minutes.  

Because people with Peripheral Arterial Disease have an increased risk for heart attacks and stroke, the American Heart Association encourages people at risk to discuss PAD with their healthcare professional to ensure early diagnosis and treatment. Please contact Kalmar Family Podiatry today at 631-549-0955 to schedule your appointment. Ignoring the signs can lead to extreme complications and an inhibited lifestyle.


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